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About Us



Our mission is to provide the comfort of a teddy bear, the warmth and security of a blanket and the adventure of a book to the most vulnerable of our society:


Children Sick with Cancer

Infants Born into Poverty

Elderly People Suffering with Alzheimer's



Children's Hospital Colorado

The Bears and Blankets fund provides a fuzzy teddy bear and a warm security blanket to 500 kids each year in the Children’s Hospital Colorado Oncology Unit. Our Co-Chairman Howard Rickspoone has volunteered every Saturday for the past 18 years and personally distributes our "Believe" bears and blankets. Your private donations and our fundraising events make this possible. All proceeds purchase the bears and blankets. Children’s Hospital Colorado is a 501(3)c organization.

Denver Health Foundation

We recently expanded our efforts to encompass the Denver Health Foundation's Newborns In Need program, which provides gifts to the families of infants who live at or below the poverty level. So far, we have included 1000 pink and blue "Hope" teddy bears and 1000 books in their Warm Welcome bags. Denver Health Foundation is a 501(3)c organization.

Introducing the Faith Bear!


New to our bear family is "Faith" Bear, designed specifically for those experiencing Alzheimer’s. This fuzzy little fellow was named in honor of Faith Iames Schremp (mother of Gloria Diercks), who fought her battle against Alzheimer’s until 2013. 


The Bears and Blankets Committee will help you, your club or your organization to arrange a teddy bear drive to provide Faith Bear comfort for your loved one and those at their facility.


By Adam Lane


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful angel. And one day she looked down onto the earth and saw a sick little child. She wanted to do something to make the child feel better but couldn't think of a way to do it. And then a light bulb turned on above her head! She had an idea! "I'll make a toy bear!" she exclaimed. "But it'll be a special bear. For every child that feels comfort and love from this bear, two more bears will appear." So she brought the bear to the child, and the child began to feel better! Thus the bear multiplied and a bear was brought to every child that needed its love and comfort. So the tradition continues to this day. "Believe" the bear has brought it's wonderful comfort to hundreds of children who need it most.


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