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Past Events ~ Oh, the Fun we Had!

The 2014 Make-Believe Ball


Our second major fundraiser, the 2014 Make-Believe Ball was a wonderful success, netting close to $20,000 for Denver Health, $16,000 for Children's Hospital Colorado, and $3,500 for the NEWH Scholarship Fund!

Mullen High School Valentines' Day Sale 

February 13th and 14th


The Boys Lacrosse Team of Mullen High School of Denver Colorado celebrated Valentine's Day this February 13th and 14th to support the Children’s Hospital Colorado Oncology Unit with a teddy bear sale. This is the third year that that team has helped the Bears and Blankets Fund earn money to buy fuzzy teddy bears and warm security blankets to be distributed to each child that checks into Oncology. The team members have a soft spot in their hearts for the Oncology Unit where one of their teammates fought his battle with cancer, is now healthy and has moved on to college. This year the team sold Valentine red bears and Mullen blue bears embroidered with a tender heart. The bears sold during the lunch hours for $10 each. All proceeds went to the Bears and Blankets Fund. Thanks again, Mullen High!

Evergreen High School Valentines' Day Sale

February 10th ~ 13th, 2014


The National Honor Society at Evergreen High School held a teddy bear sale for Denver Health Foundation's Newborns In Need program as part of their community service project. This was Evergreen High School's first year selling bears to support Newborns In Need. To promote team spirit, the National Honor Society sold Valentine red bears and Evergreen blue bears all embroidered with a tender heart. The bears were sold during the lunch hour for four consecutive days at $10 each. The National Honor Society also sold white bears with red ribbons and candy lollipops for $15 - $25. All proceeds benefited the Newborns In Need program. Thank you, Evergreen High!

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